19. 10. 2016

Win a ticket!

Join our contest and win free tickets to the individual shows of the festival! This week, two winners can get a free ticket to the grand evening of the festival, Supersilent's show in Radlická – kulturní sportovna.

11. 10. 2016

New album by Radian coming out 11/11/2016, day before their Prague show

Radian will release a new album, On Dark Silent Off, via Thrill Jockey in the fall. 

The long-standing experimental group has already released three albums with Thrill Jockey—the last one being 2009's Chimeric. Their new record, which incorporates guitars, drums, bass and a host of electronic hardware, is, according to the label, all about "the juxtaposition of extremes, the contrast between light and darkness; and in musical terms, sound and silence and brightness/darkness of timbre."

05. 10. 2016

We know the 5th participant of Mala Alternativa

The project chosen by the organizer of Alternativa festival, Unijazz, is Prague-based trio Lusk.

04. 10. 2016

Listen to what you could hear at the Alternativa Festival

Svět jiné hudby with Petr Slabý, Vltava (105,0 FM), 10.30 pm

10. 10. Miniprofile of drummer Han Bennink
17. 10. 
Profile of Kaufman/Gratkowski/de Jode
24. 10. 
Austrian guitarist Martin Siewert and electronics in different constellations 
31. 10. 
Profile of the Austrian band Radian 
7. 11. 
What interesting you can see and hear at the Alternativa festival 2016

And if you missed it, do not worry, audio archives Czech Radio is available for you.

26. 09. 2016

Malá Alternativa 2016

We already know 4 participants of this year's concert in Kaštan from our 4 guarantors: Kannout (Antonín Kocábek) ⁄⁄ Johnny the Horse (Michal Pařízek) ⁄⁄ Blachut (Josef Jindrák) ⁄⁄ Nachttante (Václav Adam) 

And who chooses Unijazz? The fifth participant will be announced next week. You still have time to send your application to uni@unijazz.cz until Sept. 30