06. 11. 2017

Ondrej Zajac is the winner of Malá Alternativa

04. 11. 2017

Live stream right now!

We are streaming right now!
Join us here.

The second part of the evening LIVE HERE.
Zabelov Group online stream here.

Malá Alternativa 2017
Baro Chandel
Jan Lörincz
Ondrej Zajac
Zabelov Group

03. 11. 2017

Malá Alternativa 2017

26. 10. 2017

New album of Amenra out now!

13. 10. 2017

25 years of Alternativa

Twenty-five years of the festival – that’s countless bands and Prague clubs from Delta to Archa to the Libeň Synagogue, lots of memories, encounters, stories, photos...

And what about you – your photos – your experiences – your stories – maybe videos?

It would be nice if you could share it all with us.

How to do it?

By e-mail sent to unijazz@unijazz.cz, via a depository, through sharing on the Alternativa festival Facebook page, via Messenger – whatever suits you. We will publish the photos in the Facebook album crediting the author and including your caption or memories.

Your Unijazz.

E, Delta, Alternativa festival 1993. Foto: Ivan Bárta
E, Delta, Alternativa festival 1993. Foto: Ivan Bárta