Veselí Filištínové (CZ)

The band was originally established as a trio in the classic form of guitar, bass and drums. Over time their production was transformed in that way that we can talk about one of the first– if not the very first – industrial bands in Czechoslovakia.

The sound of the band was so specific, that the group was clearly differed from most music which was played at that time. Typical was industrial raw sound, the darkness in the music and pervasive depression.

Veselí Filištínové performed for the first time in September 1985. There were not many concerts, and each performance was a curiosity. They used the basic rhythmic motif and mood, compositions culminated according instructions. They used all kinds of iron junk. Every traditional instrument - guitar, bass guitar, saxophones, percussion or pre-recorded tapes was used as just another sound embedded in mood of music.

The band will play after years only one concert to mark the release of archival recordings 3CD.