Trapist (A/Swe)

fotka Trapist

Martin Brandlmayr – drums
Martin Siewert – guitars, lap&pedal steel, electronics
Joe Williamson – bass

"If Trapist are a power trio, they're running on an ancient car battery rather than the national grid... Brilliant stuff." -- Peter Marsh/BBC

"If Morton Feldman, John Cage and David Tudor had formed a rock band, they might have sounded a bit like this." -- Peter Marsh/BBC

Trapist is Martin Brandlmayr on drums, Martin Siewert on guitars, steel guitars & electronics and Joe Williamson on bass. Since they started working as a trio in 2000 Trapist have released two full-length albums, "Highway My Friend" on HatHut/ Hatology and , most recently, "Ballroom" on Thrill Jockey.

Drawing from both a wide variety of influences ranging from space rock to improvised minimal music, and from folk-influenced psychedelia to noise as well as the members' numerous collaborations (see individual records) the band has managed to establish an unique ensemble sound defying categorization, blending both acoustic and electronic instruments as well as blurring the gaps between improvisational music and prestructured forms.

photo by Greg Neate