Mona Mur + MCH Band – Tagesnotizen (Ger/CZ)

fotka Mona Mur + MCH Band – Tagesnotizen





Mona Mur – vocal
Mikoláš Chadima – saxes, guitar
Jiří Janďourek – keyboards
Jan Chaluš – drums
Jan Jirucha – trombone
Ivan Bierhanzl – bass

regret to announce that Dagmar Krause became ill and unfortunately is not able attend the project Tagesnotizen with MCH Band.Instead of her is going to perform the great German singer Mona Mur who participated on the Alternativa 2009 Festival in a joint project with En Esch.
Thank you
for your understanding

Mona Mur
Hamburg-born vocalist, composer and sound designer MONA MUR first graced the music scene in the '82 punk explosion. She hooked up with FM Einheit, Marc Chung and Alexander Hacke (“Einstürzende Neubauten”), straight away conquering London NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS's Single of the Week slot with the 12" "Jeszcze Polska".
At the time Mur lived a wild life in Hamburg, Paris and Berlin which shaped her uncompromising musical style with its harsh personal edge. Featuring a violently orchestral sound of darkest shades, her 80s concerts in manic
intensity and morbid slowbeat-chic were were foundation stones for her cult image until today. 1989 sees the release of her first full Album “Mona Mur” procuced by JJ Brunel and Dave Greenfield (“The Stranglers”) for RCA.
In 1990 Mona Mur and her producer, Yello's Dieter Meier, hired the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Polish rockstar/ producer Grzegorz Ciechowski for the Album WARSAW. The concept album was unreleased at the time, but four of the songs were later covered by polish singer Katarzyna Groniec. Her album “Mesczysny” (SONY Poland 2000) entered the national charts, the Mona Mur song “Paintings” became a hit single selling more than 70 000 copies. During the 90s until today, Mona Mur has also a successful carreer as martial artist, achieving the 3rd DAN Taekwondo.
She entered the German National Team for two years and became German Vice Champion twice. In 1999 Mona Mur joined the Computer Games Industry as Audio Artist and composer for software developer TERRATOLS, Her unique style of eerie, haunting and phantastic electronic music and Sound FX can be found in Games such as “Kane & Lynch2: DogDays” (EIDOS 2010) BALLANCE (ATARI USA/Japan 2006,) VELVET ASSASSIN (Replaystudios/SouthPeak 2009) or CULPA INNATA II (Momentum 2009). GamersHell called her music “Emotional Industrial” and reviewed her tracks as „Pieces of relentless brutality and insidious beauty.“
Director Fatih Akin chose three of her tracks for his worldwide awarded movie "Head On/Gegen die Wand" (Berlin Golden Bear 2004, European Film Award 2004 followed by the release of a comprehensive BestOf –Mona Mur - CD, “Into Your Eye” (DARK DIMENSIONS 2004) Since 2007 Mona Mur is collaborating with EN ESCH.

Mch Band
MCH Band is a group founded in 1982 by activist and member of legendary bands (including Elektrobus and Rock &Jokes Extempore Band) Mikolas Chadima, who was for many years one of the most  inspiring, most inventive and least conformal creators on our alternative music scene. Since 1983 he collaborated  with the poet Ivan Wernisch, who is the author of numerous texts (often in German), as well as with the East German disident, poet Jürgen Fuchs. Mikolas Chadima already set to music his verses in the eighties.

The partner of the project is carpe artem e. V.
The project is supported by Czech-German Fund For The Future.