FM Einheit + Irmler (Ger)

fotka FM Einheit + Irmler

Founder and keyboardist of the band Faust, Hans Joachim Irmler is a pioneer of krautrock, electronic music and sound experiment at all. Basis of his work are instruments like synthesizers and electronic organs (first built by himself even as a teenager). Whether through various filters, effects, or through an unusual approach Irmler creates an exceptionally unique sound. Besides his production work in the "Faust" studio in south-Germany, Hans Joachim Irmler is the man behind the Klangbad festival and runs the Klangbad label. What is more, in 2010 he is releasing the first studio album by his band "Faust" in ten years.

FM.Einheit  is mainly known as a founding member and long time percussionist of German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten, which in the eighties supplied its characteristic rough sound. For more than 30 years of his career worked with another industrial band KMFDM, with Goethes Erben and recorded both, solo albums and albums in collaboration with other musicians, such as the Mona Mur, Andreas Ammer or Ulrike Haage. He is active in various theatre and radio-play projects. 

In fact the idea for the collaboration stretches back decades, to when the two were neighbours in Hamburg. Eventually the two of them met at the Faust studio where their unusual and special sound-worlds came together in the form of a recording session. The result is an exciting sound-collage made up of Irmlers dark spheres and the percussive sounds of FM Einheit. Using just two huge metal springs channeled through a selection of modulators and delays, FM Einheit coaxes out an unearthly cacophony with his metal bars, rubber mallets, drills and sledgehammers. Whether detonating seismic reverbs or firing salvos of sci-fi death rays, FM Einheit’s aural arsenal is anything but comforting. Irmler’s home built organs evoke the same unique thrill we had on first hearing that sound way back in the 70s, while proving adaptable to vastly different settings. Both men display an intuitive grasp of the physical substance of sound. To Irmler and Einheit, sound is no mere carrier medium for rhythm and melody, but an endlessly expandable resource of ingredients from which to fashion their delicious sonic saitenwürstle.

Luke Turner
With Blixa Bargeld telling the Quietus that "the gigantic monster Einsturzende Neubauten is going to go to sleep on the bottom of the ocean for a while" earlier this year, it's heartening to know that we can continue to expect great things from the constituent parts of the beast. There are familiar Neubauten motifs throughout No Apologies - the echoes of things falling to the floor, and that sensibility that space is always as powerful as noise alone, along with an exploration of dronescapes and insidious crescendo that at times recalls Stephen O'Malley and Peter Rehberg's KTL project. 

The Wire
'Irmler, the original Faust organ/electronics man, doing battle with Mufti the crazed inventor-percussionist to create unified blocks of texture and such moments the former ranks alongside such towering organ abusers as Love Cry Want/Lawrence Of Newark-era Larry Young and Mike Ratledge in full fuzz-Lowrey flow on Soft Machine’s “Facelift”.